Pati Patni Jokes SMS – Wonderful Confession SheI Am

Wonderful Confession
She:I Am In Love With A Boy Who Is Far Away From Me
I Am In India And He Lives In Uk

We Met On Marriage Website
Became Friends On Facebook
Had Long Chats On Whatsapp
Proposed Each Other On Skype
And Now 2 Months Of Relationship Through Viber

“I Need Your Blessings And Good Wish Oh God”

Guy Besides Her Said: Now Get Married On Twitter
Have Fun On Tango
Buy Your Kids From Ebay
Send Them Through Gmail
And If U R Fed Up With Your Husband Or Kids Toh Unko Olx Pe Bech

Majedaar Pati Patni Jokes – गाली तो कंपनी पत्नि

गाली तो कंपनी
पत्नि : तुम हर बात में मेरे मायके वालों को बीच में लाते हो,
जो बोलना हो मुझे डायरेक्ट बात कीया करो ।
नितिन : देखो अब टीवी में कोईं खराबी आ जावे तो
कोई टीवी को थोड़े ही बोलता है ।गाली तो कंपनी वाले ही खाते है ना ।

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